Fast-track approval process

Changes that are required to taught postgraduate and undergraduate units that will address issues that were identified at the Education Action Plan (EAP) stage one review may be fast-tracked so that they can be in place for the next academic year.

Fast-track changes would normally relate to the assessment or teaching methods on a mandatory or optional unit.

Any changes to the programme structure which affect the availability of mandatory units, or revisions to programme learning outcomes would not normally be permitted through the fast-track approval process.

Steps in the process

  1. Unit and programme changes are agreed by the School at the stage one review meeting. The action must be recorded on the school's EAP;
  2. The required changes must be entered into the UPMS for the next academic year, and the approval form must indicate that the change has arisen from feedback received and reviewed at the stage one meeting;
  3. The Faculty Education Director (FED) will consider the changes and make an approval decision through Chair’s vacation powers. Any approval decisions that are made through Chair's vacation powers must be reported to the next Faculty Committee;
  4. The changes must be approved and through the UPMS by 31st July.
  5. Relevant students will need to be notified of the unit changes with an explanation of the rationale for the change.  For example;