URApp: a smartphone app to support the management of urinary incontinence and urgency in young people.

We are developing a smartphone app (URApp) for young people (aged 10–19) to improve their adherence to treatment for urinary incontinence and urgency.

CACH team members: Carol Joinson, Katie Whale, Jenny Ingram, Lucy Beasant

Team members outside CACH: Lucy Yardley, Anne Wright, ERIC- The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity, Natural Apptitude.

Continence problems are common in young people, but poor adherence is a barrier to their effective treatment. We are developing an app (URApp) to provide personalised and effective behaviour change support to improve adherence to treatment for urinary incontinence and urgency. URApp provides discreet reminders for toilet visits and drinking, a diary function to record toileting and drinking, charts to track progress and a reward system to aid motivation. URApp was co-designed with young people and experts from multiple disciplines including psychology, paediatrics, continence nursing, and user-centred health design. We are currently optimising URApp through in-depth qualitative research with young people who are testing the app in real life.

If you think you might like to test this app, please follow this link.

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