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Study investigating effectiveness of The Lightning Process programme to treat children with mild of moderate CFS or ME finds symptoms improve.

27 September 2017

The first trial to investigate the Lightening Process was published Thursday 21st September in Archives and Disease in Childhood.

In this trial the effectiveness of LP in addition to specialist medical care was compared to speciliast medical care alone in children with mild or moderate chronic fatigue syndrome.

The randomized controlled SMILE (Specialists Medical Intervention and Lightening Evaluation) trial, lef by researchers ar Bristol Medical School - Population Health Sciences, is the first study to investigare the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of LP in addition to specilialist medical care compared with specialist medical care alone.

The trial recruited 100 eligible participants aged 12-to 18-years with a diagnosis of mild or moderate CFS/ME. Patients were allocated at random to either specialist medical care, or specialist medical care plus LP and were asked to read information about LP, attend three group sessions and receive follow-up phone calls with an LP practitioner. All participants were asked to complete questionnaires at regular intervals on levels of physical function, fatigue, pain, anxiety and school attendance.

The study’s findings indicate that LP offered in addition to specialist medical care is effective and probably cost effective for children and young people who have been diagnosed with mild/moderate CFS/ME.

You can find the full article here

For the University Press Release, please look here: SMILE Press Release (Office document, 51kB)


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