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Latin American conference, in Uruguay.

Pete, Anna, Peter

16 September 2016

Professor Peter Fleming, Dr Peter Blair and Dr Anna Pease attended the joint International Society for Perinatal and Infant Death (ISPID)and International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) conference this month, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Peter Blair, as deputy chair of ISPID (International Society for the study and Prevention of perinatal and Infant Death), was keen to see the 14th conference in a Latin American country for the first time.

The three day program included speakers from 26 countries and over 250 delegates, including professionals, researchers and bereaved parents. A memorial service for families whose babies have died was held on Thursday evening.

The rate of SIDS and stillbirth are relatively high in that continent with little reported research. The conference, held in Montevideo, Uruguay was well attended and the 6 Bristol presentations included the role of disrupted routines on infant care practices in high risk families, the risks of sofa sharing, and the physiological aspects of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) were warmly received. The evidence surrounding the risks of infants co-sleeping with carers on a sofa inspired much debate and a decision in the UK at least to focus on this issue over the coming year to help reduce deaths further were agreed. 

Of particular interest to CCAH is the development of a new ISPID working group collaboration focusing on the behavioural, psychological and educational aspects of implementing safe sleep guidelines for infants. Peter Blair was elected as chair of ISPID during the conference.


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