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New research on vision and dyslexia - paper published

Press release issued: 26 May 2015

Congratulations to Alexandra Creavin, Cathy Williams and Colin Steer (and Raghu Lingam from Newcastle University) whose new research on vision and dyslexia dominated the media 25th May 2015

The research on almost 6,000 ALSPAC participants shows that the majority of children with severe dyslexia had normal vision on the sight tests conducted and that the few impairments found also occurred in non-dyslexic children. This indicates that dyslexia is not primarily a vision problem and that vision-based therapies (like coloured filters or lenses) are not justified or likely to help. This is the first large study in the world to assess such a broad spectrum of vision abnormalities in a population-based cohort of children.

The authors are now calling on NICE to produce evidence-based guidelines for the management of children with dyslexia and for dyslexia charities and support groups to signpost families to the best sources of support for their children and to present a more balanced view of all the scientific evidence.

 The paper, Ophthalmic Abnormalities and Reading Impairment, was published in Pediatrics on 25th May 2015 and you can read the press release here: Dyslexia and vision: the wider view.

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