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Copyright Notice

The Sources page contains links to primary source materials used in the teaching of this unit. Most of the materials are under some form of copyright. The reproduction of materials from Bristol Record Society publications has been done with permission, on the understanding that proper references are provided to the printed volumes and that documents are reproduced only for educational or research purposes. Documents reproduced from British government publications and transcripts of manuscripts belonging to the Crown, have been reproduced on the understanding that reproduction is permitted provided that the copyright, and the source of the material, is acknowledged. Databases or transcriptions produced by Dr Evan Jones, are under his copyright but may be copied by others for educational or research purposes. If you do this, please be aware that files may be amended over time. It is therefore suggested that if you wish to refer students to my transcriptions, you provide a link to the relevant page, rather than copying the page wholesale. I adopt the following conventions in transcribing documents:

  • Suspensions and abbreviations are generally italicised and rendered in full, e.g. 'wth' = 'with', 'mtie' = 'majestie', 'ye' = 'the', 'Xoffer' = 'Christoffer'.
  • Punctuation is as in the text.
  • Line breaks and paragraph breaks are as in the text.
  • Spelling is as in the text.
  • Capitalization is as in the text.
  • Blanks and holes in the manuscript are indicated by '____'.
  • Annotations or endnotes are in [squared brackets].
  • Where I am uncertain of my transcription, the word is underlined.

Commercial exploitation of any materials found on this unit's website is expressly forbidden. Any breach of copyright that has occurred is unintended; if your copyright has been breached, please inform me and I will be happy to amend or delete the relevant pages as you see fit.

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