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Nicholas Thorne the younger's Will, proved 17 September 1591

Source: Transcribed by Charles Draper (2007, updated and corrected 2015)
Manuscript: TNA PROB 11/78 fo. 80v.

Dated: 16 July 1591

In the name of god Amen. I Nicholas Thorne of
The Cittie of Bristoll gentleman beinge sicke of body but of perfect memorie ffor the which
I humbly praise Almightie God my most mercifull ffather, do make my last will
and testament in manner and forme followinge ffirst I bequeath my sowle vnto ~ ~
Almightie God hopinge assuredly to be saved by the mercies and merrittes of Jhesus ~
Christ whoe vouchsafed to shed his most precious bloud to save me and such as believe in
him. And as touchynge the disposition of my wordly goodes and possessions which ~
God hath given me my will and meaninge is that my three daughters namly Alice
Katherine and Mirable shall have and enjoye all my landes tenements and hereditaments
unto them and the heires of theire bodies lawfully begotten. And my intente and meaninge
that when yt shall please Almightie God to call anie of my said daughters out of ~
this mortall lyfe then her portion or third parte of my said lande shall not goe unto
the survivor or survivors of my said daughters but shall fourthwith goe unto the
next heire of my said daughter or Daughters so dyinge. And whereas I am not able
for some cawses to be so liberall unto my welbeloved wife as my harte desireth my ~ ~
hartie request is unto my welbeloved daughters upon my blessinge and to my sonne
in lawes that they will quietly and with good will suffer my welbeloved wife theire ~
mother to dwell in and enjoye my howse in Smale Streete duringe her naturall life
And in respecte that I have heretofore guien a verie liberall portion unto my welbeloved
Daughters Alice Pykes & Katherine Neale whome I beseeche God to blesse and theire
posteritie. I do nowe give the rest of all my goodes and Debte wherein I do also comprehend
the waynskott glasse howshoulde stuffe and furniture of my howse in Smale Streete
unto my dearly beloved wife and my lovinge daughter Mirable Thorne whome I make
my full and whole Executors. And I do desire my welbeloved friende James Orenge
and Robert Readwood to be the Overseers of this my last will and testamente. In witnes
whereof I have hereunto put my hande and seale this sixteenth daie of July 1591.
By me Nicholas Thorne. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us James
Orenge, Thomas Dune, Roberte Ffrayer, William Druse . / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~ /

Probate granted: 17 September 1591

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