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Robert Thorne the elder's Will, proved 6 July 1519

Source: Transcribed by Charles Draper (2007, updated and corrected 2015)
Manuscript: TNA PROB 11/19 fos. 146-7

fo. 146r.

Be it knowne to all cristen people that I Robert Thorne of bristowe
marchaunt wryte this with my hand my will and my testament In the yere of our
lord mdxvii the xx day of Januar (i.e. 20th Jan 1517) in good mydne and in goode helthe of body ~
thanked be god Amen / In the name of god of our blessed Lady and all the holy ~
company of heavyn to pray for me that I may so doo at this tyme for to come to

fo. 147v.

the blessed company of heavyn / And that I bequeth my soule to allmyghty god and to oure
blessed Lady and my body to the holy Church grave in the Crowde of Saint Nicholas ~
Churche And also I bequeathe to the moder Church of Worsestur vs. And I bequeath to the
Church of Saint Nicholas as for reparacions xxvis viiid. And I bequeathe to the vycar of Sent
Nicholas Church for forgoten tythyngs xxs / Also I will have a goode prest to praye for
my soule in Saint Nicholas Churche vi yeres and he to have vi every yere Also I will have ~
viii poore men that shall bere viii torches and they shall have every man agowne and for
beryng of the torches viiid a man And also I will have at my burying to be gyven to ~
poore men and wymen iiii in bred and every man and woman id in money And at my
monethis mynde also moche And at my xii monethis mynde as moche as is before wryten Also
that I bequethe to the foure Ordres of ffrers to every place xxs to pray for my soule Also I
bequeath to the iiii Almes houses to every place iiiis and to newgate to the prisoners iiiis
Also I bequethe to Dame Elyn Thorn my Doughter vi xiiis iiiid in redy money And A ~
standyng cuppe with a cover weying xx ounces A salte with a cover that weyeth xx ounces
to pray for my soule Also I bequeathe to every Nonne in the place to pray for my soule xiid
Also I bequeathe to Margery my Sister of Saint Albones vi xiiis iiiid and afursed Convent in ~
grayne Also I bequeth to her husband A ministur a velvet gowne furre with fox Also I bequeth
to my brother Will Thornis ii doughters that be ffaderles that oon is called phelipp and the other
Rose iii to every of them And that my Syster margery to have the Divydyng of the money tyll
they be Abill to be married / Then I bequethe to William Wossley my best Starlett gowne and
my Starlett cloke and to his wif my cremesyn gowne and vi xiiis iiiid in redy money to
pray for my soule Also I bequeth to William Wossleys vii children lxx ounces of plate and xiiii
in redy money And Rose his daughter xxx ounces plate and xv in redy money / And to be ~
delyvered to all them whom they to able to be maried And also and any of thise doo ~
departe to god then I will that this good be departed from oon to an other that longer ~
lyveth / Also I bequeth to Robert Thorne my sonne lx in redy money and lx ounces in ~
plate Also I bequeth to Nicholas Thorn my sonne lx in redy money and lx ounces of plate
Also I bequeethe to Alice Thorn my Doughter lx in redy money and lx ounces of plate and the
thryd parte of all my houshold and she be able to be maried by the wise of her friends and of
myn Executors Also if there be any of thise iii persones departe to god that then they that lyveth
longer that it goo from oon to an other And so be that / that they departe to god all as god
forbede that then I wold the oon half go to the Charterhousse of Wytham and the other
half to the hyewayes aboute bristowe Also I bequeath to Johan Thorne my wif iiC in ~
redy money and iiC ounces of plate and xxC weight of vithell and ii parts of all my houshold
stuff and no more And also I bequethe to Saint Augustines Churche to the buyldying of
the new Church A pype of Iron and xls in redy money to praye for my soule And I beqeath
to oure Lady chapell upon the bryge of bristowe xxvis viiid Also I bequethe to the
hyeways aboute bristowe x where there is most nede Also I bequethe to Saint
Nicholas crowde where my body shal be buried a housse that I bought late of ~
John Colasse that lyethe in Saint Nicholas Strete and I wold that the proctures of the
crowde shall fynde for my soule a terment every yere to the value of vs by yere and to
be prayed fore in the pulpytt every Sunday Also I have A seller full of salte wherein is
lxxxxiiii tonne of salt and this I gyve to the almes housse of the iii kynges of Colen every
yere viiiis to pay quarterly iis And to the Almes housse at the graye ffreurs viiis paid
every yere quarterly iis and to the almes housse in the Long rowe every yere viiis to be paid
quarterly iis And newgate viiis yearely to be paid quarterly iis as long as money of this
salte will last to pray for my soule Also I gyve to the Almes housse where there be at
Laffords gate to the reparacion of the bedds where the poore men lye in xxvis viiid Also I
bequeathe and gyve to the tremte of Lafford gate to the reparacion of the land liiis iiiid
Also I make myne Executors Srz John Goodryge parson of Christchurch and William Wossley
and John Wyat myne executors and to ev[er]y of them I gyve x in redt money and
every of them a blacke gowne And to se my will and my debte paid and my will
fulfilled and the rest of all my goodes to be sold and doon for my soule where
that ye fynde most need ~ I require as ye will annswer to for god that this be doo as ~
god knowith my mynde ~ I put my full trust in you for ~ god send me spare ~ grace I wold
doo it my self.

Probate granted: 16 July 1519

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