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'Cabot Roll': 1496-99

Manuscript: Westminster Abbey
Source: Alfred E. Hudd (ed.), "The Cabot Roll": The Customs Roll of the Port of Bristol, A.D. 1496 to 1499 (Bristol, 1897), 11. pp
Acknowlegements: I would like to thank Special Collections in the Arts and Social Sciences Library (University of Bristol) for photographing the images found below.

This page provides links to high-resolution copies of this out-of-copyright publication, which consisted of facsmiles, Latin transcriptions and English-language translations the enrolled customs accounts of the port of Bristol, 1496-99. This roll was originally reproduced by Alfred Hudd in 1897 because of the references it contains to the payment of John Cabot's pension of £20 pa in the accounting years Michaelmas (29 September) 1497 and 1498/9. Cabot's pension had been granted by Henry VII on 13 December 1497, the warrant being issued on 22 February 1498. Hudd believed that the second payment, made in the year 1498/9 proved that John Cabot returned from his 1498 voyage. It has since been pointed out, however, that the payment may have been made to Cabot's wife, or an assign, in the explorer's absence.

Hudd's publication, was limited to an edition of 150 copies. While a copy is already available on: the reproduction of the facsimiles is of too poor a quality to be useful for researchers. For this reason, much higher level jpgs of the whole publication have been posted here. Please note that all these files are between 1.5 and 3 MB.

Front cover


Facscimile of account: 1496-97

Transcription of account: 1496-97

Translation of account: 1496-97

Facsimile of account:1497-98

Transcription of account: 1497-98

Translation of account: 1497-98

Facsimile of account: 1498-99

Transcription of account: 1498-99

Translation of account: 1498-99

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